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Nepalese Kukri/khukuri House is the finest and genuine Khukuri (gurkha knife) maker as well online kukri seller in Nepal. This company was established under the Name of “Nepali Khukuri House Private Limited” and has registered at Government of Nepal, Company Register office (Reg. No 17479/058/59), with the endeavor of wholesaling, supplying as well as retailing only genuine Khukuris (alternative pronounced as kukuri, cookri, Kuk, Khukri, kukri, kukris, kukuri, kookuris, Gurkha-knife, Kukri-knife), National weapon of Nepal. Since its establishment in 1999, it has been manufacturing original Khukuris in Nepal, homeland of Legendary Gurkhas. Our knives are honest, powerful and graceful blades that have the pride of legendary Gurkhas for nearly couple of hundred years and the pride of their owners since times immemorial. Since 1999, the Nepalese khukri/ Kukri House Pvt. Ltd has been striving to provide the best service, value and the largest selection of Kukri/khukuri productions to our customers around the world. Our customers are the most valuable assets of our business. Therefore we're here to help answer your questions about any of your needs and concerns about our Knives. We have been occupying more than 200 Bishwakarma or Kami (metal-smith, born to Khukuri maker), an ethnic, whose occupation is only craft Khukuris in its factory which located in Dharan(Gukhas small home town), a small town, 650 kilometers far from Kathmandu (Eastern Nepal), where the Gurkhas were requited in the past. Four men working a full day to shape each blade that are reinforce carbon steel. Only the selective raw materials such as buffalo horns, leather, rose woods, car spring, brasses, aluminum, white metals etc are utilized to craft each Khukuris. Everything is done by experienced hand and the only machine is used a lathe for shining the Khukuris. The final products is then checked and rechecked many times over and then only packed to be transported to showroom in Kathmandu.
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