Debs Build A Candle and Bath

Exporting Products100% Pure Soy Wax Candles, container Candles, palm Pillar Candles, votive, tea Lights, pillars, Tarts, gift Baskets, cp Soaps, bath And Body Products, bath Accessories
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My company produces the best 100% pure soy wax candles on the market today. We use only the best soy wax with no additives, the highest quality of fragrance oils, and only lead free wicks. My candles are longer burning, less to no soot, have great fragrance throw either hot or cold. They can usually be burnt and used around people with all kinds of health problems do to there purity. Of course this is not a medical statement each person should take caution with their own illness. But since my candles omit no toxins or carcinogens like paraffin wax candles do, and are cleanable with hot water and soap this makes them the most user friendly candles on the market today. I am now offering the same high quality of cold pressed soaps, bath and body products, all made with the same loving care as my candles. I have went back to my roots and using some of the knowledge my grandmother passed on to me. I have taken her recipes and improved upon them with the better quality of oils, herbs, and spices offered on the market today. All of my products have been tested, and tested again for there purity and perfection, and I promise you will get high quality products that will do what they say they do. I have never and will never test my products on animals. I also do not use essential oils because of the health issues involved with them, so I have choosen to use fragrance oils instead, because I have no desire to be sued or feel that you would not appreciate it also. People tend to not read warning labels on packaging these days and I am not willing to take the chance of having a person with high blood pressure go through the roof because they did not heed the warning of a label. So other than my soaps having fragrance oils, instead of essential oils they are organic.
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